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Coin collectors try to learn about the most valuable quarters to ensure they purchase the exact products that will earn them profit later. They consider various details when searching for information on valuable coins.

If you are a new collector, learn about old quarter values and collecting quarters now. Learn which type of quarters is available to ensure you get the quarter you deserve. Online you will find lists of selling prices that help you find the most valuable quarters. Charts are posted at coin collector web sites. You may want to compare different sites to ensure that the collector sites post the top value.

Right now, it seems the silver dollar is in the front. Silver dollars dated 1901 in Mint Condition with a grade point of 64 is selling at $49,996. Quarters dating back to 1804 in PF condition, such as the ultra cameo sell for around $49,500. A quarter dated back to 1976 in AU condition sells for $48, 875. The quarter eagle coins dated in 1911 in PF condition sells for $49,450.

Any US quarters that made in 1964 or later has silver value, which could be worth more today. Today the quarter value is around $3.25. Some quarters may have higher value to collectors, which depends on the mint mark and date. Bicentennial quarters dating back to 1776 -1976 have the US Eagle marks. It is not clear how much the quarters are worth yet, but the value is at $2.75 or higher.

Collectors often purchase coin collector books to learn the value of each American quarter. You can purchase the books on the Web, or at any store, that sells collectible's. Guides are online to view, which have a list of coin value. Silver and gold coins seem to have the highest value at this time.

Quarters dating from 1932 to 1964 are made of 90% silver. You can use silver-melt calculators online to estimate the value. Rare coins may be classified as junk silver, which make good investments. You can learn more about junk silver online as well. Use the EFT Silver logs online to find out value of each quarter.

Junk silver is a simple term used by collectors. These types of coins may not have any value. On the other hand, coins with marks of Junk silver may have value. Silver metals are used to create coins, which in this case the coin may have some value. Some silver junk coins are used as substitutes for American Silver Eagle, bullion bars, or silver mining stock.

Collectors buy coins to make profit. The best time to sell coins is when silver prices increase. In this case, a collector may purchase a range of junk silver and cash out later for profit. The EFT or Exchange Traded Fund is a great investment vehicle. It is similar to mutual funds. Investors can buy shares and manage investments through the EFT. To learn more about EFT, you can get diversify with Silver, free investor kits online. The kits are offered free for a limited time.

Currently, quarters dated from 1932 D, S, 1935, and 1936 D are selling for around $1500. The 1935 D and S coins are selling for around $900. Gold coins may be worth a lot more right now because the markets are low and gold value is rising. According to sources online, the 1933 Gold Double Eagle coin is the world’s most valuable coin that sold for $7.5 million dollars.

The top ten coins of value include the Statehood quarters. The rare mint coins may be worth hundreds, or thousands of dollars. The 2004-quarters with Wisconsin State on the face and extra leaf have a good value price now. It sells for around $500 in EF40.

Charts online give you a list of the most valuable quarters in the Statehood condition, e.g. Delaware D quarters are selling at prices between $11.25 and $16.50, especially those dated in 1999 and on. Most of the older coins in mint condition made of silver and gold however has the most value.

Quarters dating in 1876, in mint condition sell for around $54,625 with the 67-PCGS CAC. The regular 67 dating in 1876 sell for around $31,050. Quarters dating in 1875-CC in mint condition with 67-NGC star quality sells for almost $100,000, but the 1804 mint 62-Draped bust quarters sells for $184,000. It looks like it is one of the most valuable quarters circulating today. View guides, collector books, coin lists, and other items online now to find out more about the most valuable coins.

While the 1804 seems to have the highest value, other coins may prove to be more valuable.

Article describes the most valuable quarters in the world of coin collecting. There are many valuable quarters that can be a great addition to any coin collectors collection.

Billy Belcher,October 7, 2010

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